You can book one-on-one animal communication consultation sessions, for me to talk with your animal companion.  If there is anything that is concerning you about your animal friend, I can ask them about it.

Using animal communication it is possible to find out a wide variety of information direct from your pet!  Whether they like their food or how they like to be stroked, or working with anxiety or aggression issues.

Anti social behaviours (eg barking, scratching, whining). I find out what is the underlying cause of the behaviour and what they need to help them to change. I work with them to find a solution and then I work together with you to help them to make the change, so that it is long lasting!

Improved training techniques. Using animal communication training techniques can be improved: for example a dog’s sit / stay / come response becomes quicker and more reliable, a horse can pick up more subtle cues.

Supporting rescued animals. I can help your rescue to settle into their new home, overcoming any separation anxiety or trauma that they may have brought from their past. Together we can work to help reassure them that they are safe and loved.

Introducing new animals to the home. I work with new and existing pets to find out what they need in order to live together harmoniously

Moving house or coping with the loss of a loved one. I can provide information to your animal, forewarning them of the changes that are coming which will help your animal deal with these changes easily. I can ask them what they need in order to help them take these changes in their stride, with the minimal amount of distress for them (and for you).

Sickness. I can work with you to find out what your animal needs when it is unwell. What it needs to help it feel better and recover more quickly; if it knows why it got sick and what could help them to heal.

End of life. I can find out what your animal would like when it reaches this point in its life. Including any final requests it may have and what support it wants from you.

Animals in the afterlife. I can communicate with your animal after it has passed over – you may wish to know how they experienced their time with you, how it was for them to pass on, whether they were happy with the choices you made for them at the end of their life, if they have any messages for you and if they come to visit you now. All providing peace of mind for you and for them.

What animal communication sessions include:

Each consultation session includes an initial call to explore what you’d like me to discuss with your animal, a 45 to 60 minute conversation with your animal and a transcription of the conversation.  I also include a follow-up phone call after the conversation to allow you to ask me more questions and deepen your understanding of the information that the animal gave me.

Animal communication consultation sessions take place remotely using a recent photograph of your animal and other information that I will ask you for during our initial call.

Price:  £125 which includes an initial 20′ discovery call, a 45-60′ conversation with your pet, an emailed transcript of that conversation and a follow-up Zoom call to discuss what the animal says.
(approx AUD$240 | USD$295).

Multi-session packages are also available, as well as bursaries for those experiencing financial hardship. Please email me to discuss these.

To arrange a consultation for your pet book an initial discovery call here or complete the form below. If you’d like to find out more before you book, please use the form below or book a discovery call.

You can also read some testimonials (below the form) from some of the humans whose animals have benefitted from animal communication consultation sessions with me.


Bravo – eight-week old kitten adjusting to his new home

Jacqueline helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed and slightly out of my depth after rescuing my wonderful kitten Bravo. I wanted to understand him and his needs better, and she helped me do just that. She was kind, gentle, thorough and exact, and I was so impressed by her incredible talent and ability to communicate with animals. Bravo is now completely settled and has everything he needs, and I feel comfort knowing that I can reach out to Jacqueline should I need support in future. I cannot recommend her services more highly.

Alice – London

Coco – missing her human who was in hospital

My darling cat, Coco, was very restless and unsettled during my recent hospitalisation. My neighbour was coming to feed and play with Coco, but would hide under the bed whenever he visited. She started to scratch my brand new sofa, even though she had a lovely scratching post in the sunroom.  So I asked Jacqueline to check in with her.

Jacqueline explained to Coco where I was and when I would be back. She asked Coco what she needed while I was away.

Coco asked for: 1. The scratching post to be moved into the living room (it was too far away).  2. Something of mine on the bed, so she could smell me and feel close to me while I was away. 3. Music in the background, not too loud, so she didn’t feel so alone.  4. A new toy to stimulate her. 5. For me to connect with her in my imagination and visualise playing with her at the same time each night. 6. For the neighbour to stop worrying and fussing over her when he came to feed her. Instead she asked him to sit quietly on the sofa and let her come to him.

I passed this all onto my neighbour. Although he didn’t understand how Jacqueline could do this, he fulfilled every request that Coco had made. And Coco was a changed cat! Far happier, she stopped hiding and snuggled on my dressing gown. She stopped scratching the sofa and started to use the scratching post in its new location. And she became so comfortable around my relaxed neighbour that she even let him brush her (which is very rare)!

I have done Jacqueline’s course myself and I was able to connect with Coco telepathically each night and ‘play’ with her. I had the peace of mind that she was happy once again.  It’s so comforting that Jacqueline holds training courses for us to be able to talk to our fur families. 

Keri – NSW, Australia