Introduction to Animal Communication

Animal Communication lets you understand the animals in your life at a much deeper level. Sometimes referred to as ‘animal whispering’, animal communication is a two-way telepathic conversation between human and animal made via a heart-to-heart connection. Across that connection you can exchange information with them, in exactly the same way that two humans would have a conversation.  

These two-way conversations let you fully get to know and understand your animals – their behaviour, health issues, likes and dislikes.  You can find out more about why they show signs of being aggressive, anxious, timid; and ask them about their wishes and their purpose in life.  

Jacqueline’s Introduction to Animal Communication workshops give you the knowledge and skills to understand your animal at a whole new level. Jump to dates and locations of upcoming courses.

You will begin by learning what animal communication or animal whispering is and the process and science behind how it works.  You will learn to send messages to your pet without words, and how to pick up clear responses from them.  You will learn techniques to overcome any blocks that get in the way including self-doubt, overthinking, and pressure. These obstacles can come up in many areas of life, so the techniques you will learn can be of value in many other areas of your life.

During the second day you will learn how to work with behavioural issues that can affect an animal’s quality of life, such as separation anxiety, fear, aggression and timidity; as well as over-barking, scratching, toileting issues and much more.  You will learn how to get to the root cause of the problem and how to work with them to find a healthier solution. You will practise having conversations with animal guest teachers as well as with one another’s pets.

This workshop offers much more than learning animal communication. It also offers you ways to reconnect – with mother nature, with animals, with yourself. You will connect with your true self as you explore the art of animal communication.  You will play with and expand your conscious awareness allowing essential aspects of your being to unfold and shine.

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  • The principles and techniques of interspecies communication
  • What telepathic communication is and how it works
  • Meditations to relax the body and mind
  • How to send and receive messages effectively
  • Exercises to increase your sensory receptivity
  • Explore your own unique way of receiving information from animals
  • Learn how animals see the world and how they express themselves
  • Practice communicating with animals distantly using a photograph
  • Work with another student practising with each other’s animals
  • Received feedback from another student’s animal
  • Understand your animal better in order to help improve their life
  • Find out what your pet needs to recover more quickly when it is unwell
  • Help your pets to let got of unwanted or unwelcome behaviour
  • Use animal communication to help any animal at anytime, anywhere
  • Get quicker and longer lasting training results
  • Feel more connected to all animals, both domesticated and wild through increasing your sensory receptivity
  • Understand the messages that animals and nature are sending you, and work collaboratively with them
  • Deepen your relationship with the natural world
  • Give your pet what they need – find out which food they like, if they want more walks, want a different bed or their scratching post moved
  • Help them become more confident, calm and relaxed – improving their quality of life
  • Support animals through changes in their lives – helping them to take them in their stride
  • Help your pet adjust to a new family member so they can live together happily right from the outset
  • Support your pets through sickness and help them to feel better quicker
  • Help them pick up training techniques more quickly by explaining what you would like them to do and why, so they are fully engaged in the whole process
  • and much more…

You will also begin to see they world as your animals see it, helping you to communicate with them in ways that they can understand. In this way you can help your pets to make sense of our human world and our ‘strange’ human behaviour!

  • Animal Custodians – understand your animal better, address their concerns and improve their life
  • Rescue Workers – understand their past and what they need to help their rehabilitation
  • Animal Trainers – increase training effectiveness and produce quicker results
  • Dog groomers – relax and calm your pet clients while you work with them
  • Animal Therapists – add a deeper understanding of their needs alongside your current skills
  • Veterinarians & Vet Nurses – use animal communication to soothe and reassure animals as they receive treatment and care
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments
  • COURSE MANUAL containing details of activities, exercises, meditations and ongoing practices that will support your ongoing development
  • FREE first session with Understanding Animals’ online Practice Group (meets twice-monthly)
  • Membership of Understanding Animals’ private practice group (Facebook)
  • The chance to take part in small group Mentoring Sessions

I answer a lot of questions about the onsite courses and the content in the video below:

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The Introduction to Animal Communication course is available online in four half-day sessions, or onsite over a weekend. Find details of current courses below.

These courses are suitable for ages 14 years and older. Please contact me to find out about our children’s one-day workshops, or if you’d like to discuss bringing a person younger than 14.

ONSITE – 2024:


A live, fully interactive online version of the onsite weekend training. Jacqueline will guide and coach a maximum of eight students in real-time through the techniques, exercises and practises of animal communication. 

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