Jacqueline is very humble as an animal communicator and as a teacher.  Also very approachable and always willing to help and support her students.  The way she teaches and interacts clearly shows that she only wants our success as an animal communicator.

Mica – Australia

This is a wonderful and inclusive programme that allows participants to learn and share at their own pace.  When working in such vulnerable realms as Interspecies Communication, it is crucial that those guiding the group be both sensitive and clear. I found Jacqueline to have these attributes as well as a calm confidence that allowed participants to discover, grow and develop their skills at their own pace. I would recommend the workshop to anyone wishing to deepen and expand their understanding of our natural world.

Stephanie – Canada

An excellent programme – good content, fantastic delivery.  I felt very well-held.

Jane – UK

I want to thank you for helping me reconnect and step back through the door.  To be able to believe in myself again.  Thanks from myself and my animals who have waited patiently.

Vanessa – Australia

I have been wanting help to relate more respectfully and meaningfully with the natural world. I feel the program this weekend has provided a process that I can practise to achieve this.  Thank you.

S. P. – Australia

An amazing space to be in – safe, warm, personable and easy learnings.

Keri – Australia

I discovered that all of us receives communication differently, and that it is not so much about learning the skills but removing the blocks to what we can all do.

Victor – USA

Thank you for your softness, patience and understanding of how teaching can affect people in different ways. Thank you for allowing us to be ourselves and just being.

Olga – Australia


Jacqueline helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed and slightly out of my depth after rescuing my wonderful kitten Bravo. I wanted to understand him and his needs better, and she helped me do just that. She was kind, gentle, thorough and exact, and I was so impressed by her incredible talent and ability to communicate with animals. Bravo is now completely settled and has everything he needs, and I feel comfort knowing that I can reach out to Jacqueline should I need support in future. I cannot recommend her services more highly.

Alice – U.K.

My mare Bliss lost her foal late last year. It was possibly the most traumatic event of my life. I didn’t think that Bliss or I would ever recover. I felt immense grief and guilt that I let my beautiful horse down. Jackie stepped in a few months ago and had a ‘chat’ with Bliss. Since this chat my relationship with Bliss has completely changed. I feel completely connected with her like never before. I trust her and I no long feel anxious about her size and strength. Instead I feel protected and now refer to her as my Queen Bliss my beautiful Western Queen.

Lainie, Australia