Animal Communication Practice Session

These small group Animal Communication Practice Sessions help build your skills and confidence in animal communication.  This is a safe and nourishing place for you to practice the skills that you have learned previously. 

Your confidence, trust and self-belief will increase month-by-month as you overcome self-doubt, over-thinking, busy mind, projection and other obstacles to clear and accurate communication

Each week you will communicate with two animals remotely, using photographs.  After each communication everyone shares the information they received from the animal.  Your confidence will build as you begin to notice the commonality of information received by you and everyone else, and you will realise that you are getting accurate information.

The conversations with the animals cover a variety of topics, including:

  • reducing anxiety, building confidence, helping them overcome trauma or abandonment
  • supporting animals with changes in their lives (moving house, the loss of a family members)
  • working with animals that are displaying physical or emotional symptoms
  • finding lost animals
  • supporting with animals at the end of life or talking with them ‘in spirit’

Not only will you be building your own confidence and accuracy, but you will also be helping the animals. 


Participation in an Animal Communication training – introductory level or higher. 
(If you are not sure if you meet the prerequisite please email Jacqueline before booking).

A good internet signal plus the latest version of Zoom on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Times & Dates:

The Practice Sessions take place on the first Thursday and third Tuesday of each month. There are two sessions to choose from covering the following locations / time zones:

  1. Australia to UK (and everywhere in between) – usually at 7pm Sydney time
  2. Europe to USA (and everywhere in between) – usually at 7pm UK time


$20 / £15 per 90-minute session – or $80 / £60 for a five-session package (buy four get one free) 


The calls will be conducted via Zoom. Group sizes are limited to six people to allow time for in-depth sharing and discussion.   Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you with a registration link for the Zoom call.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email or arrange a free discovery call to ask me more about these groups.

Book a place:

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Image: Kote Puerto, unsplash