Creative Constellations

Working with systemic constellations can reveal deeper truths and bring about opportunities for healing, insight and direction.

Systemic constellation departs from mainstream therapies in that it recognises that individuals are part of ‘systems’ – within a family, at the workplace, or even cultural and tribal contexts. 

Often, the source of our challenges are not confined to our individual problems or circumstances alone, but are systemic and relational in nature, and sometimes, even inter-generational or historical. We are not always aware of the gifts or challenges we carry from our ancestral line. Constellation therapy can free us, while gaining insight into the gifts bestowed upon us. 

Horse-Guided Systemic Constellations
With the horses as our guides, we can have an embodied experience which allows us to tap into the ‘knowing field’ and our own body’s knowing, to transcend the narratives that may bind us to reveal deeper truths and opportunities for healing, insight and direction.

Shivaun Woolfson is a published author and historian who has taught in both academic and community settings. 

She is a trained counsellor, addictions specialist and certified Systemic Constellations practitioner who has worked extensively with individuals, families and groups. She conducts individual, group as well as equine-assisted constellation sessions. 

Jacqueline and Shivaun offer one-day in-person Animal Connections workshops, where you will learn the art of animal communication and also experience horse-guided systemic constellations.