Winter Solstice Spiral ritual

Winter Solstice marks the moment when the sun begins to return, and the days start to lengthen again. In many ways this ‘turning of the sun’ feels like another moment to start the new year.  This Winter Solstice Ritual provides an opportunity to consciously step from one twelve month period into the next.

However this ritual can be done at any time – whenever you feel a need to let go. Any time that there are major changes or shifts in your life, you can use this ritual as a way to release the old and set an intention for what’s next. It can feel that you are stepping back into the ‘driving seat’ of your life.

A candle, a tea-light, a set of cards (any set of divination cards will work), enough space to walk in a spiral making two full circuits.

  • Place a lit candle on a low table or on the ground
  • Place some greenery around the candle or anything that brings you delight (a scarf or other decoration)
  • Lay the divination cards out next to the spot where you plan to emerge from your imaginary spiral so they are easily accessible for you to select one at the end of your walk.  These should be a couple of metres from the candle centrepiece
  • Starting from where you have placed the cards, begin to walk in a wide circle around the centrepiece (keep the centrepiece on your left so you’re walking anti-clockwise) [in the southern hemisphere keep the centrepiece on your right so you’re walking clockwise]
  • Holding the unlit tea-light, slowly walk in a spiral around your centrepiece as you reflect upon the year (or the event)
  • Hold an intention of ‘releasing the old’ as you do this
  • Notice any lessons that came from the experience/s
  • Acknowledge yourself for the things you did (inner strength, letting go, being flexible, etc)
  • When you reach the centre, light the tea-light from the candle
  • Now spiral back out, moving in the opposite direction than you came in
  • As you walk focus on what you would like to invite into your life in the future
  • When you have made a couple of circuits end your walk, stopping next to the divination cards
  • Pause as you focus on the next twelve months and invite a quality to support you during this period
  • Then select a card
  • Take a moment to welcome this card and its gifts into your life

You may want to journal or draw about the experience. Some elements to include are: the things you want to release, the lessons you learned, the things you acknowledge yourself for, the new elements you are welcoming into your life now, and the card and what it means for you.

I hope that you enjoy this Winter Solstice Ritual. Please leave your comments below or if you have any questions you can email me via this link.

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