The Art of Subtle Activism

Subtle activism is the action of consciously connecting with people, places, animals, events and sending them loving energy. It is an active engagement that works on the subtle level. Hence the name, subtle activism. This practice has been shown to have an impact upon the recipients of this loving energy.

There are several peer-reviewed studies that have shown that when groups of meditators sit together regularly there is a measurable effect upon rates of violent crime in those places. It is thought that the field of consciousness that is achieved by these groups of meditators influences the consciousness of those around them.

If we apply this to telepathic communication, we can see that when we extend this field of loving kindness to those who are not physically close to us, they can also feel the benefit of this connection.

How does subtle activism work?

At a micro-level a friend of mine who has spent a lot of time in hospital in the last year starting to connect with her cat telepathically every evening. She imagined playing with the cat and stroking it, just as she would if she were with it physically. The neighbour that fed the cat remarked upon the change in the cat’s demeanour – from skittish and jumpy to relaxed and friendly. He was unaware of what my friend was doing, he just saw the difference.

At a macro-level we can also send feelings of loving care and support telepathically to a group of animals, or all of the animals in a specific area. They will pick it up and feel soothed by it.

It is a wonderful thing to practise. Even when we cannot do anything physically, there is always something that we can do energetically or telepathically.

How to practise subtle activism

To practise subtle activism you may want to find yourself a quiet and comfortable place to sit. Somewhere that you will be free from distractions and potential interruptions.

Simple close your eyes and watch your breathing for a while. Watch it move in and out of your lungs; as you do so you may notice that your breaths become longer and deeper and your mind begins to quieten.

When you feel calm and relaxed, bring into your awareness the place or animals that you would like to connect with. Imagine your heart sending out a beam of white light that envelopes that area, or those animals. The light could be rose pink, green, violet or any colour that you choose.

Now imagine radiating love across that beam of light to the animals or place or situation.

You could say supportive and affirming phrases silently in your mind such as: I see you and send you love / my heart is filled with compassion for you / I am sorry that this is happening to you / I care deeply about what happens to you.”

Continue to sit and radiate loving energy. You could expand the words that you use into longer sentences. But ensure that those sentences are consoling, reassuring and supportive.

When you feel ready imagine drawing the beam of light back into your heart, until you feel that your energy is once more contained within your own energy field.

Something to be aware of:

It is important that we do not bring a sense of pity to the animals or the situation. That can have the opposite effect than we intend. Have you ever experienced a time when you were struggling with life and someone pitied you? It can feel disempowering rather than supportive, and the same is true for the animals. We don’t want the animals to feel like victims. That is not how they feel about themselves, they are simply having an experience. Instead of pity, bring compassion and empathy to their situation.

Some of the ways that we can apply subtle activism

There are many ways that we can use animal communication to support animals in times of distress. We can also use subtle activism at these times. You can read more about these in my blog – Floods, fires and how animal communication can help .