Roots Meditation

This ‘Roots Meditation’ guides you to imagine roots coming out of the soles of your feet, going down into the earth, connecting you to the earth and to all the life forms that are there.  All living things are connected to the earth, and you can connect with any living thing this way. 

When you connect to the earth through your ‘roots’ you can connect with the microbes, worms and insects in the soil, to the roots of plants and trees nearby, to the imaginary roots of animals.  Even birds and other flying things spend some of their time on the ground or in trees and shrubs, so you can connect with them too.

How this supports animal communication

Connecting through your ‘roots’ supports your animal communication practice in several ways.

  • It helps to ground you, moving your energy away from your head, your busy mind and thought projections and brings you into your body. 
  • Once you are in your body you can more easily get in touch with your own feelings.  When you are aware of your own feelings, you can more easily distinguish them from another’s. You can feel what animals are feeling as distinct from your own feeling.  Instead of trying to mentally figure it out or mixing their feelings with your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Connecting through your roots is especially helpful when you are trying to communicate with wild animals. Also with plants and trees, or with any aspect of wild nature.
  • Through this roots connection you will become connected to your whole animal body. Through your own body you can feel your connection to the animal.

Roots meditation:

Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground.  (If you prefer to meditate sitting cross-legged, you can follow the same process. Simply imagine making the connection from your root chakra, rather than from the soles of your feet.)

Sit quietly and follow your breath for a couple of minutes, consciously drawing the breath into your belly.  Become aware of your breath getting slower and deeper, and feel yourself relax.

Become aware of your feet planted firmly on the ground.  Feel the Earth caressing your feet and your feet caressing the Earth.  Even when you are in a building you can make a connection with the earth beneath.

Now imagine ‘roots’ coming out of the soles of your feet (or your root chakra) going down into the earth.  If you are indoors see these roots going through the floor of the building and down into the earth.

Imagine yours roots spreading out and connecting with the microbes and insects in the soil. With the roots of the plants and grasses nearby. Finding the roots of nearby trees.  You might greet these beings as you encounter them.

Next bring to mind an animal that you would like to connect with.  Imagine your roots exploring and finding their roots.

As your roots meet, imagine them connecting and intertwining. As you make the connection send them a greeting.  Take a moment to feel this connection to their energy. See if you can sense how they are feeling in this moment through this root-to-root connection.

Once you have made the connection you can communicate with them in the same way as with the heart meditation. Ask them questions and listen for their answers coming back to you through your roots and into your body.

When you are complete, simply imagine your roots releasing and untangling from theirs. Draw your own roots back through the earth and back to your own body.  Now take a couple of breaths, and then slowly open your eyes as you return to this present moment.

Support your own wellbeing

You can use this practice to support your own wellbeing. Use it to quieten your mind.  It’s especially valuable when you’ve been busy at the computer, or have just rushed in from full day’s work. The roots meditation can help to settle and re-centre you.  It literally grounds you.

This meditation helps to consciously bring your energy down into your body, away from your head and busy thoughts and ‘to do’ lists. It helps you become calm, centred and connected to the earth. It can provide a beautiful transition at the end of a day’s work.

I hope you enjoy exploring this way of connecting with other beings. You could play with connecting with domesticated and wild animals, as well as with plants and trees. Let me know in the comments what you experience.

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